Valkyries Roles & Responsibilities

Valkyries Roles and Responsibilities

January 2024 

  • This is a Men’s club and women do not get involved in club or Clan business. Valkyries do not have a say in the running of the Clan or the Clubhouse. Any suggestions/Ideas/questions should be taken to your sponsor, and he can take it from there.
  • Club business and Clan business is not to be discussed or spread around. If you hear it, do not repeat it. 
  • Valkyries do not attend church; they do not get patched in and are not members of the clan. They are support only.
  • Support patches belong to the club and must be returned. Valkyries sign a color agreement indicating such.
  • Valkyries do not wear cuts; they have support vests.
  • If the men are talking, please refrain from interrupting. Wait until they are finished or stand to the side to discreetly get their attention. 
  • Valkyries do not TELL prospects what to do. You can ASK them to do something or to help with something, but never TELL them.
  • Valkyries address prospects by name, not by prospect.
  • Pictures and videos from club events, parties, etc. can be posted on the Valkyries Facebook Group, Valkyries GroupMe, or the Pictures only GroupMe. They are never to be posted on social media unless approved by your sponsor.
  • We do not post party locations on social media.
  • If you have a problem with another Valkyrie that cannot be worked out civilly, take it to your sponsor.
  • The correct protocol for Patch-In Ceremonies is for the Valkyries to stay to the back or sides of the room, not upfront with the men. Certain clans may choose to modify this so please check with your sponsors. You are allowed to take pictures during the ceremony, but no videos unless directed to by a patched member. If taking pictures, please be considerate and refrain from interfering. Valkyries should always be quiet and respectful during the ceremony.
  • Being support for our sponsors is meant to be fun, but it also means that you need to be aware and be safe. We are another set of eyes and ears for our sponsors when out on the bike or out in public. Examples:  If you notice other clubs/patches around, or anything that could be a security risk, make sure to discreetly tell your sponsor

Valkyries Safety Practices

Staying safe and making it back home to your loved ones is always the priority. In all situations we do what our sponsor tells us to do. We answer to them, and they answer for us. We are to respect all brothers, sisters, and guests. There could be situations where an SAA or other Viking directs us due to safety concerns. 

As Valkyries we are an extra set of eyes and ears for our Vikings. Keep your eyes open for any potential threats, watch their backs when they are busy with other things and let them know, discreetly, if there’s other patches around. If someone in patches or plain clothes is watching them a little too closely, let one of the Vikings know. Trust your instincts. 

Always be aware of your surroundings. Make yourself familiar with the patches in your area. 

Do not approach or confront 1% or other club members. 

If you are out at a public event stay together. Try to keep with the other Valkyries and practice the buddy system. Make sure someone always knows where you are. Do not put yourself in an isolated place or in a corner, do not draw unwanted attention to yourself or leave the area alone.

If there is an altercation between a Viking and another club or person, stay back and out of the way, the last thing we want to do is get one of the brothers hurt because they are distracted checking on us. Do not yell threats or exacerbate the situation. Take pictures or video of the encounter discretely. If things turn violent, call the police when directed to. Defend yourself by any and all-necessary means.

If there is an altercation between a Valkyrie and another woman, please do not stand back and watch her get attacked. Stand up and help defend your sister. 

If there is an altercation between two Vikings or a Viking and his Valkyrie, stay out of it and get the nearest brother to handle it.  

Do not post altercations on social media or the Valkyries groups without being directed to by your sponsor. There is no reason to get everyone upset without all the facts.

Get the phone numbers from your sponsor for the people to contact in the event of an emergency, such as the SAA, etc. 

For any questions, please contact Devious 352-739-0055 or Alice 502-338-8719